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South Africa

Two other sons of Joan Henrich Weppelmann, born April 3, 1812, and married to Anna Elisabeth Bandermann sive Haverkamp were Franz Bernhard, born Apr. 5, 1848,  a joiner by trade, and Bernhard Weppelmann, born in 1854, a painter. 
I assume that they emigrated to Natal/Marianhill in South Africa before or at the same time as their sister Elisabeth Weppelmann with the Founding Father of the Order of Marianhill on Dec. 15, 1890.  She had entered the Monastery of the Precious Blood ("Kloster vom Kostbaren Blut„) in Paderborn and was called Sister Tertulla.   In South Africa she became the Mistress of Novices. 
 Her brothers must have provided their skills to the construction of the monastery.  After 10 years Sister Tertulla returned to the Motherhouse in Aarle-Rixtel, the Netherlands for health reasons; she died on Mar. 13, 1915. 
Another daughter of Joan Henrich Weppelmann, Maria Weppelmann, born Oct. 25, 1844, married  Melchior Sievert. She also emigrated to South Africa. 
At present the South African Weppelman(n) live in Pretoria, Cape Town, East London/Gauteng.  

News from the shippapers of Hamburg : following children are emigrated:

1) Weppelmann Franz - occupation: farmer, 30th years, out of Gelsenkirchen, with its Ms. Elise, 27th year and the children Philipp (3. years) and Marie (1.Jahr) on 31 March 1878 with the ship "papa" to South Africa Natal. The coming later live in East London/South Africa today.

2) Weppelmann, Bernhard - occupation: country worker, 28 years out of north churches, with its Ms. Anna, 26. year, and Anna 2nd years after Pretoria Kapstadt. There also the coming later live.

3) Anna Weppelmann (32) Melchior Sievert (Siefert) occupation married: farmer (47 years) out of Gelsenkirchen. Also they hiked with the children Anna (12 years) and Johann (2 years). Family Bernhard Weppelmann and family Melchior Sievert emigrated at the 6April 1883 with the ship "Durban" from Hamburg to South Africa.

4) Sister Tertulla (Elisabeth Weppelmann of the order at the 15.12.1890 to Natal/South Africa into the there cloister gesandt. became. Sister Elisabeth Weppelmann (that into the cloister of the precious blood in Paderborn entered and sister Tertulla named became) be emigrated at the 15.12.1890 with the order founder of the Marianhiller after Natal/Mariannhill in South Africa. It was there active as a novice master. Your brothers performed certainly best services as a workman in the construct of the Klosters. After 10 years sister Tertulla be returned for health reasons again into the mother cloister after Aarle-Rixtel, Netherlands where she died at the 13.3.1915.
Today life the Weppelman (n) in South Africa in Pretoria, Kapstadt, East London, Gauteng Province. 

;Descendants Weppelman,East London.Descendants Weppelman-O´Brien, Johannesburg
Anton Weppelmann 
born April 29, 1892 in Ladybrand/South Africa
Marie Weppelmann with her husband Farah Hirst 
in Cullinan/Pretoria 
South Africa
Hendrina Weppelmann 
born Nov. 22, 1935 in Pretoria, South Africa 
Weppelmann family froms Pretoria, 
South Africa 
(Some relatives)


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