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Welcome to the Genealogy

of the Weppelman(n) Family 

Before 1996 nobody in my family would have suspected to have relatives on four continents. This history is one of many stories in family research, which shows, how small our world is. 
That this exciting voyage of discovery into our own history, I owe to many coworkers

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Ancestor Franz Josef Weppelmann

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From Münsterland to the four corners of the world.
The Weppelman(n) Family 
 1100 - today  
 Cities and places of the Weppelman(n) in the world 

The book tells on 200 pages about the undertaking spirit of my ancestors as farmers, 
craftsmen, day laborers, farmhands and farm servants.  In the most difficult of times some looked for a new homeland in the Netherlands, 
America, South Africa and   Australia.

New Book 2012 
"900 years history of family Weppel-man(n)"
farms, people and documents
the family tree on 588 pages with dates, farms and all documentation, an index and a person's register

status: 2012


 Familytree Weppelman(n)

  update 02.02.2023

Familytree   Weppelman(n) 

Beginning with the oldest documentation in 1100 up to the now living members of the Weppelman(n)- family the records are extensive. 
Over 4500 persons are entered in this book, together with details of date of birth, - place, occupation, wedding date, name of spouse and   death date.
Due to data protection, there will only be dates of birth, marriage and death of people who have already passed away published online.In the second book, which can be ordered, you can find all details with documents, farms and people.


I wish all readers much enjoyment during the reading. 
If these pages pleased you, let it me know, and if perhaps you have a suggestion, then a message is certainly appreciated. 

Franz Josef Weppelmann 

Beyharting , Januar 2001

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